Battambang, Cambodia

Phum Rumcheck 4, Krong Battambang

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Batambang is one of the most popular provinces in Cambodia which is along the Sangkea stream. Traveling from Phnom Penh to Battambang is about 294 kilometers .The capital of Battambang is called Battambang city.


Battambang is the one of provincial including in the Tonle Shap River. The population in Battambang of 1,036,523 they are doing on business as Fishing,Framing and several of 5 percentage of jungle and mountains.


If you wish to travel by bus, you will arrive there in 5 to 6 hours with the price of USD 5 to USD 10 depending on bus company, or by VIP van, the travel duration will be around 5 hours with the price of USD 8 to USD 12 or you can travel by your own transportation.

Place to visits

There are many places to visit in Battambang such as Ek Phnom, Prasat Banan, Prasat Snung, Phnom Sampov, Sek Sak Resord, And the popular is Nory (Bamboo train).

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