Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort, National Road 2, in front of TV5, Phnom Penh


Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort is a relaxing place to visit during the weekend. It is located in Kandal Province, which is around 6.5 kilometers from Phnom Penh City. Since it is very nearby to the city, you can get there by tuk-tuk or your own transportation within 30 minutes. Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort has a beautiful view with the set-up decks along the lakeside, so it is very refreshing with the fresh air. This place is popular for Cambodian tourists during public holidays and weekend. They usually go there with a group of friends and family.

Why Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort becomes a famous place for Cambodian tourists?

Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort becomes so popular to visit by Cambodian tourists because it is an amazing recreational place for enjoying a great picnic lunch with Khmer food with affordable price. Moreover, the atmosphere there is very good with fresh air and greenery view, so it is also a good place for spending a day trip to reduce stress with the countryside air and view. Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort is the wonderful place to visit in all seasons.

Services and Prices

Kang Meng Restaurant & Resort provides services every day from 9AM to 7PM. The price of the food is between USD 5 to USD 15, and the price for renting a bamboo shack built over the lakeside is USD 3 per day. Moreover, if ordering the food with the total amount of USD 25, the bamboo shack will be free of charge for the customer.

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