Mondulkiri, Cambodia

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Mondulkiri is a province full of rainforest and wildlife located in the eastern of Cambodia. Bordering the provinces of Kratie to the west, Stung Treng to the northwest, Ratanakiri to the north and the country of Vietnam to the east and south. The provincial capital is Sen Monorom which is located in the southeastern part of the province. It takes about 6 hours to travel from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri for 375-kilometer trip. Since it takes long time to travel to Mondulkiri, most of the travelers prefer to take bus, mini-bus or van of transportation company instead of traveling with their personal car. Mondulkiri is a province that famous for it rainforest, mountain view, wildlife and especially the waterfalls.
The perfect time to visit Mondulkiri is during November to February because during that period of months, it is the dry season and the temperature is cold, so you will be able to take the nature and wildlife tour, plus the waterfall still has a medium amount of water (not too dry and not too much water), it is a perfect time to visit the waterfall. If you visit Mondulkiri during rainy season, it will be difficult to take the tour in the forest or visit the waterfall because there will be large amount of water and the water current is too strong, which is too dangerous to make a visit. However, if you visit Mondulkiri during summer season, you still can take the tour in the forest or any other places. If you visit the waterfall during summer season, you will not be able to see the beauty of its waterfall because there will be no water at all. Important note: if you happen to visit Mondulkiri, do not forget to try the coffee there. Mondulkiri coffee is very well-known and super tasty.

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