Pailin, Cambodia

Krong Pailin, Pailin Province

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Pailin is one of Cambodia’s provinces that is close to the border of Thailand. Pailin Province is surrounded by Battambang Province, and the other side is the border between Cambodia and Thailand.


This area is full of gemstones which were mostly mined to support the Khmer Rouge, but there are still many more. Some of the population are the employees of the gemstone mining factories. And a few of the population are growing rice because the land is not good for doing agriculture. For the currency, all Riel (Cambodian currency), Baht (Thai currency), and Dollar (US currency) are accept.


Traveling from Phnom Penh to Pailin is around 375 kilometers, but not so many buses or VIP vans reach there.

Places to Visit

After arriving Pailin Province, you can visit Phnom Koy Resort, Bah Hoi Village, Goh-Ay Mountain, O Ta Vao, O'Eb Resort, Kbal O'Chra, Phnom Yat, Ceasar Casino, Steung Kuy, Border Crossing, and Waterfall.

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Pailin Map