Prey Veng, Cambodia

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Prey Veng Province is one of Cambodia’s provinces. The name of the province means long forest; that is why the province is good at agriculture. Prey Veng Province is located in the southeastern of Cambodia and borders to Kampong Cham Province to the north, Kandal Province to the west, and Svay Rieng Province to the east. The capital of Prey Veng Province called Prey Veng Town.


Prey Veng Province is 4,883 square kilometers big. The province consists of the typical plain wet area covering mostly by rice farms and rubber plantations. Prey Veng Province also features two of the biggest rivers of the country – Basac River and Mekong River. The province produces about 10% of the crop nationwide each year including cane sugar, palm sugar, coconut, tobacco, etc.


The distance from Phnom Penh City to Prey Veng Province is around 94 kilometers by national road 11 with the travel duration of around 2 hours. There are lack of buses or VIP Vans going to Prey Veng Province, but there are some possible ways you can travel to Prey Veng Province. You can buy bus or VIP Van ticket from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh with the ticket price of around USD 15 to USD 16 and ask for dropping off in Prey Veng Province. On the other hand, you can go there by private taxi or your own transportation.

Places to Visit

There are many ancient temples to visit in Prey Veng Province like Prey Chnog Sok Temple, and Chong Srok Temple. Moreover, one of the popular places in Prey Veng Province is Ba Phnom located 45 kilometers from Prey Veng Town in Chheur Kach Commune. Furthermore, Viel Brang City is also the excellent place for adventure and hiking where you can see the wildlife.

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