Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Krong Ban Lung, Ratanakiri Province

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Ratanakiri Province is a natural province of Cambodia which is covered by green surrounding jungle of the forest and is extended from the mountain. The city of Ratanakiri called "Banloung Provincal town". Ratanakiri province has the distance of 588km from Phnom Penh by national road number 13 or 7 northeast of Cambodia. You have to spend around 10 hours to reach there. Ratanakiri province borders Mondulkiri province to the south, Stung Treng province to the west, Vietnam to the north, and Laos to the east.


Ratanakiri province is one province among the least developed provinces in Cambodia. The infrastructure is poor, and the local government is poor. Education level is also low.

Things to do in Ratanakiri Province

There are many popular places in Ratanakiri province such as Boeung Yak Lom vocanic lake, Ka Chhan waterfall, Ka Teing waterfall etc., ....

There are many interesting things to do in Ratanakiri province including sightseeing the natural waterfall and the mountain covered by green forest, hiking, and camping.

Ratanakiri is a quiet place to spend your private travel with your friends or family. In Ratanakiri, there are many hotels along the mountain, so you feel so relaxed with the fresh environment.


Ratanakiri has the same climate like other areas. There are 3 seasons; Rainy season is from June to October with the temperature of around 27C; Cool season is November to February with the temperature of around 24C, and hot season is from March to May with the temperature of around 32C .

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